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Dene-Petro-Canada are working together to provide superior lubricant products to the North. Petro-Canada lubricants, specialty fluids and greases have a proven track record of maximizing equipment performance, productivity and saving customers on costs. Dene-Petro-Canada's focus is to provide high quality lubricants that protect equipment, reduces equipment downtime, increase productivity and ultimately saves customers money. Dene- Petro-Canada currently supplies it's northern mine contracts with superior lubricant products while saving them millions of dollars a year.

What sets them apart:

-Petro-Canada is a leading lubricants producer with unparalleled technical expertise and industry knowledge

-Perform comprehensive analysis of each business's needs to offer specific lubricant products

- Provide easy ordering, and actively track programs to recommend suggestions for cost savings

-Top-notch training sessions to ensure all maintenance professionals are using the correct lubricants to OEM standards.  

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