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Denesoline-Dyno Nobel Explosives provides explosives for both Snap Lake and Gahcho Kue, and operates across the Northwest Territories. 


Dyno Nobel is a manufacturer of explosives, and has customers in the mining, quarry, construction, pipeline, and geophysical exploration industries. Dyno Nobel are best known for high-caliber blasting products and services to help them save time and make money. Dyno Nobel is the only explosive provider in the world to offer a complete line of commercial explosive products and services. Furthermore, Dyno Nobel operates all over the world, including Australia, Canada, the United States, Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, South America, Papua New Guinea and Turkey.


Dyno Nobel manufactures a full line of commercial explosives, including ammonium nitrate, bulk explosives, package emulsions, dynamite, detonators (electric, nonelectric, and electronic), cast boosters, and detonating cord, along with surface and underground loading systems, and Portable Modular Emulsion Plants. They provide the explosives used in coal and metal mining, quarry and construction, as well as pipeline and seismic use for oil and gas exploration.


What Sets them Apart:

- Being leading experts in the field of explosives, and employing over 3,000 certified individuals across the world.

- Having patented over 2,800 products with 230 currently in force. In fact, most of the innovative explosive products ever invented can be traced through Dyno Nobel.

- High safety standards; their Zero Harm for Everyone Everywhere, reflects their commitment to the highest standards of safety, ensuring the well-being of our people, both at work, and at home.

- Being proactively involved in communities and committed to minimizing environmental impacts.

Some of the services offered include: 

 - Blast design


 - Shot loading


 - Shot service


 - Vibration control


 -  Airblast, flyrock and NOx reduction, through DynoConsult, a specialist consulting division.


In 2012, Dyno Nobel had over a million tons of ammonium nitrate capacity and over 30 manufacturing facilities on two continents.

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