Denesoline- Arctic West Transport provides exceptional transportation services; specializing in open deck, bulk transportation, and heavy haul applications. Arctic West Transport is the product of a Joint Venture between two of the largest Canadian transport companies: Q-Line Trucking Ltd, and J&S Contracting. With a vast tonnage of trucks and trailers and over 20 years of Northern Canada Ice Road experience, Denesoline- Arctic West Transport are assured that they will be able to surpass any of their client’s transportation needs and expectations. 

What sets them apart:

- Superior customer service through top quality transportation, while promoting strong family values

- Being COR certified, Canadian Motor Carrier Consortium certified, and reaching the peak safety standards

- Retaining a fleet of over 750 trailers and over 370 Trucks.

- Capable of transferring loads up to 200,000lbs.


- Knowledge with: several shipments in a brief time period, seaport releases, rail to truck, ice road services, numerous origin shipments, and camp work. 

- Specializing in transportation solutions for over-dimensional and overweight loads.

- Offering an immense fleet of pilot trucks with certified North American travel drivers.

- Providing truck and trailer mechanical services across Canada.


Some of the services offered:


- Open deck and specialized trucking

- Bulk transportation of commodities

- Overweight and over dimensional shipping

- Shop and maintenance facility

- Multiple shipments in a short period of time

- Seaport releases

- Rail to truck

- Ice road services

- Multiple origin shipments

- Camp work and transportation management. 

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