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Dene Acasta Heliflight conjoins the interests of Denesoline Corporation with locally-owned Acasta Heliflight, which is backed by the HNZ Group, (TSX: HNZ.TO); a global, industry-leading group of well-known aviation suppliers. For over 30 years, the HNZ group has been known for prioritizing safety, as well as offering a wide variety of specialized services with an outstanding job completion. Acasta Heliflight's team is led by the experienced Mr. Adam Bembridge, and is based out of Yellowknife, NT. In total, their veteran management team have almost 100 years of combined business experience in the north. Acasta Heliflight’s employees are similarly seasoned and knowledgeable with their northern customers’ flight safety, reliability requirements, and have been working from Yellowknife to support Canada’s northern economy and Indigenous peoples.  

What sets them apart:

-  Industry’s lowest crew and management turnover (Both Acasta Heliflight & Canadian Helicopters)

- Record of providing Aboriginal training and employment (Including management, pilots, and aircraft maintenance engineers

- Diverse & extensive local fleet, backed by the largest helicopter fleet in Canada (Supported by 25 bases and over 500 employees. This also includes access to     quick response aircraft maintenance, and overhaul facilities. These are owned and operated by the HNZ Group to ensure any aircraft is in top condition, and project timelines are not compromised due to unavailability.

- Strong financial standing (Acasta Heliflight’s TSX listed parent company, HNZ, has a verifiable solid financial position as evidenced by publicly available document)

- Superior service (A lengthy track record of honouring commitments, and providing steadfast, high quality service throughout the duration of long term     agreements, even through challenging market cycles)

- Leadership in safety (Industry-leading safety culture, supported through industry-leading safety management system (SMS), quality assurance programs, and high policy standards.  Received prominent commendations against highest client and industry aviation standards, both in Canada and Worldwide)

- Day and night enhanced emergency response helicopter support (Canadian Helicopters specialized IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) helicopters and night rated pilots provide access to enhanced emergency response capabilities to bolster their customers’ existing risk mitigation strategies.  This can include 24hr helicopter medevac options to a critical emergency response in the event of a mass mishap at a work location. This is the only 24/7 helicopter option available year-round in the North outside of the RCAF/Canadian Coast Guard joint forces whose bases are located thousands of kilometres away)

Some of the services offered include:

 - Mining Exploration

 - Forest Fire Suppression

 - Oil/Gas & Seismic Exploration 

 - IFR and VFR Flight Operations

 - Wildlife Survey & Ecological Tourism

 - Aerial Geophysics & Environmental Impact Surveys, Aerial Construction & Precision External Load Applications up to 4,400lbs.


 - Utility Construction & Maintenance

 - DND Military Support Missions and Emergency Response Call-Up, Air  Ambulance and Remote Medevac Emergency Response Services

 - Executive Charter Services

 - Film /TV Production & Aerial Photography

 - Utility Infrared Integrity & Pipeline Fugitive Emission Inspections

 - Aircraft Maintenance Services Including Component Repair and Overhaul

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