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Denesoline Corporation and Group Gilbert have come together to form Dene-Gilbert NWT Contracting Ltd. With the expertise of the long-time family owned and operated construction businesses,  Dene-Gilbert Contracting services exude the confidence needed to meet and exceed client expectations.

What Sets Them Apart

  • Family-run business for over half a century, shaping the national economy in the field of engineering with 11 subsidiaries working in construction and services throughout Canada. 

  • Extensive experience with earthworks, civil works, and mining services including: excavation of power plants, canals and diversions, and construction of dikes and dams.

  • Diversified operations, offering a multidisciplinary and integrated array of resources in order to accommodate each individual's needs

  • Broad experience in construction projects situated in isolated areas, and in northern mining environments.

Some Offered Services:

  •  Excavation of power plants, canals and diversions

  • Construction of dikes and dams and other complex infrastructure works

  • Highway and road construction.

  • Sewer and water supply systems

  • Start up of mining sites (stripping)

  • Mining support services, including open pit mining, crushing, drilling, and blasting activities

  • Large scale excavation of mining sites

  • Construction of necessary mining infrastructure.

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