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DTR First Nation's Construction Company Ltd. is a consortium of three northern companies: Denesoline Corporation, Tlicho Investment Corporation and RTL Construction. DTR is 100% northern owned with 66% Aboriginal content with established business in the North. DTR is committed to Aboriginal employment and it strives to utilize an Aboriginal workforce in all of their projects. DTR boasts an experienced team of professionals supported by an extensive fleet of equipment who work together to maximize cost savings for their customers.  In 2016, DTR construction successfully secured the build of a major portion of Tibbitt to Contwoyto Winter Road. DTR successfully completed its first year of the three-year road construction contract and saved the northern mines millions of dollars in the process.

What Sets Them Apart

  • Proven experience delivering safe and efficient, cost effective road construction and maintenance services.

  • DTR brings together 46 years of winter road construction and has safely constructed over 22,000 kilometers of ice road.

  • Building capacity with local Aboriginal businesses and creating business opportunities for NWT.

  • Transparency of operations and maintenance practices.

  • Ability to attract and retain experienced operations and management staff, and senior operations team.

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